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What is Vepple?

Vepple is an always-on virtual experience platform created specifically for Higher Education student recruitment, with a focus on personalisation to increase conversion. It pulls interactive content and events together into one experience, ensuring prospective students can find relevant content, quickly.

Key features

Relevant content for all

Subject and study level filtering allows users to tailor their experience to see content only relevant to their choice. With the platinum package create custom filters to tailor content based on anything from location, to stage in the recruitment cycle, or parent vs prospective student.

demonstrating vepple filters

Showcase your campus

For prospective students who can't physicaly visit your campus and to reinforce your offering to those that do, Vepple is built to showcase rich media in the most engaging way possible.

exploring a group of 360s

Personalised calls-to-action

Vepple's powerful filtering means that every call to action can be tailored to a particular audience, making for hyper-relvant CTAs that are more likely to convert.

example calls to action changing based on audience

Guided Tours

Guided Tours are a great way of showcasing the best bits of your university. They pull together key spaces into one linear journey in order to tell a story.

The research suggests that they're particularly helpful for a Widening Participation audience, or, those who want a bit more guidance as they explore.

guided tour showing a day in the life of a prospective student

Live & on-demand events

The online events area provides a great experience for users, irrespective of the platforms being used to deliver a talk and/or a Q&A session.

Universities can continue to use the systems that they know and love including: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate and Youtube, but they're all brought together in one place.

filtered events shown in vepple events platform

Deliver a sense of space and place

Our mapping tool ensures prospective students are able to understand the layout and proximity of facilities on each campus which we know from the research, is really important to them.

As with everything else, only content that matches the currently applied filters will show, ensuring that users only see the spaces that they're likely to use.

showcasing vepple's mapping function

Data capture and lead generation

Vepple can be configured to require users to log-in to access certain restricted parts of the site.

Once regsitered, their profile information, along with usage behaviour including which posts they've viewed, which CTAs they've clicked and which events they've attended is automatically recorded by the site, ready for export/further analysis outside of Vepple.

Vepple performance dashboard animation

Analytics and ROI

A dedicated dashboard benchmarks the performance of your experience against an aggregated average of other universities using the system.

Under the Gold and Platinum packages, we'll work with you to ensure you get the most out of Vepple and the best possible return for your investment.

Vepple performance dashboard animation

Vepple in numbers

Increase conversion and understanding by showcasing your university online.


Increase in CTA conversion when users personalise their experience vs those who do not personalise their experience


Average session duration across all Vepple sites is approximately 4 times the figure typically seen on a university website


The number of pages viewed in a session (~10) vs that of a typical university website

Seamless integration with the platforms you know and love


Open Unibuddy within your experience, ensuring users can interact with staff and students without leaving the Vepple ecosystem.

The Ambassador Platform

Access TAP within Vepple, ensuring users can interact with staff and students without leaving your experience.

Video streaming and Q&A

We can integrate with pretty much any video streaming and/or Q&A platform, from MS Teams to Zoom, Slido to Chatify. Please chat to us if you want more information.

Client image for image for "Associate Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment"
We love our virtual experience, it looks great and we think it's sector leading. We were blown away when we ran our first virtual open day event on the platform in June 2020 - we have over 6,000 unique visitors in that one day and the average session duration was over 11 minutes. We are really please and can't wait to see the impact on our enrollment stats!

Lorraine Jones

Associate Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment,
Nottingham Trent University