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Clearing 2022 : STOP the great prospective-student 'click off' (and maximise online conversion)

15th February 2022 - 15:00 GMT

Clearing - a time where online traffic rockets as prospective students seek out rich media to inform their biggest life choice to date.

A decision they (may) make without ever stepping foot on campus.

But yet we know so many students don't find what they need and so many universities have a leaking bucket of prospects.

In this 45 min session we will share real students' insight as well as practical ideas to create a sticky online clearing experience to stop the 'great click off.'

We will share benchmarked data and knowledge from our 40 live virtual experiences and 8 Live Vepple Platforms. Vepple is the ultimate virtual experience platform, delivering the right content at the right time in order to help your university maximise conversion.

Jennifer Ferrier

Client Services Director

Craig Nathan-Moss

Account Director